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Warmlite Triple Sleeping Bags

Technical info on Sleeping Bags

With its unique 3 in 1 design the Warmlite Sleeping Bag allows you to sleep in comfort in ALL temperature ranges from +60F to -60F (-75F to -80F reported by hardy Alaskans)

The Triple bag comes with 3 layers which use only the highest quality goose down in the world for maximum insulation for minimum weight:


with a build in Down Filled Airmatter (D.A.M.) which keeps you warm and comfortable on the coldest hardest ground

Thin Top

1.8" Thick (3.6" Loft) Good for temps down to 25F

Thick Top

3.8" Thick (7.6" Loft) Good for temps down to -10F

Colder yet? Use BOTH TOPS! When Both the Thin and the Thick top are zipped onto the Bottom you get a combined insulation of 5.6" (over 12" Loft!) good for as cold as you can go!

How do we do this? With our unique double zipper design. With two rows of zippers on the bottom and thick top which run down the full length of the bag AND foot you can COMPLETELY remove the tops. Thus you only need to carry the layer that you need and no more.


OK I'm interested! Give me more info on these bags!