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You can obtain information about our products in several ways both online and offline:


Our web site contains Most of the information that is in our printed catalog plus some additional info and pictures.

PDF of our printed Catalog size 1077k (Images are at lower resolution to keep size down) PLEASE NOTE that this is about 1 Megabyte so may take awhile to download with a slow connection!

As time goes on and we will develop this site and add addition features. Your input as to what is good/bad about this site would be appreciated. What else should we add?

Free  Printed Catalog

 This is a 16 Page color catalog which describes our products and contains technical information about why we make the equipment the way we do.

 Video ($6)

 This is a 2-hour VHS tape showing our Home where we make the equipment and the equipment itself. This is for those who need to "SEE" the products

Send requests for the Printed Catalog and Video catalog to:

Stephenson's Warmlite
22 Hook Rd
Gilford, NH 03249-6745

Make checks etc. payable to "Stephensons"

You may phone or fax us at (603)-293-8526.
Monday thru Friday 9:00am to 3:30pm EST
You may wait an extra 20 min on phone if you call later