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10% Sale on all Stock Tents and Bags while available!

2R and 3R tents with Side Windows and Large Door in a variety of color combinations in stock.

Stock bags in all 4 standard sizes in Red/Green/Blue/Navy Blue and Olive Drab.

New 2C and 3C tents!

(2 foot shorter than standard R model)

New 2C TENT!

2 foot shorter than our standard 2R tent. Perfect for those climbers than need to fit tent on a small ledge. And for those who keep asking us for a 1-man tent. This is the lightest "real" tent you can get!

You can have all the options that the standard R models comes with.

Comes with windstablizers because we figured climbers would need it. If you are not going to use with 60mph+ winds then just ask to have without the windstablizers and save 2 ounces!

New 3C TENT!

2 foot shorter than our standard 3R, just like the 2C. This is for people who want the extra headroom the 3R tent gives but don't need all that room and want to save a couple more ounces.

We are a small

mail order company supplying our products to people from all over the world who demand the absolute lightest equipment but don't want to skimp on quality.

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call us at 603-293-8526 or send in request to:

Stephenson's Warmlite, 22 Hook Rd, Gilford, NH 03249

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